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Terrain and missions at 




There will be 3 types of terrain layouts at this event. Each of these will represent Primus, Secudus and Tertius in the Vardis system and will have a unique special rule to represent the theme of the planet (see narrative briefing below). You can see the sets that will be used here:

Vardis Primus

Vardis Secondus

Vardis Tertius


Each table will have its own mission and deployment map, these will be either taken from official GW publications, or custom made. All missions and deployment maps will be provided as print outs on the tables. Players will be rotated around the tables and there will play a different mission for each game.

Narrative briefing

- Vardis Prime: 


The industrial heart of the Vardis System, is a sprawling, magnificent world where the unyielding spirit of humanity is made manifest. Orbiting the dying red giant, this planet serves as a testament to the determination and ingenuity of the Imperium's denizens, its vast landscapes dominated by the ceaseless hum of progress and the relentless  march of industry. 


Vardis Prime's surface is a patchwork of expansive manufacturing complexes, colossal chemical refineries, and towering habitation spires that pierce the bruised, smog-choked skies. The atmosphere, tinged with the acrid scent of industry, is a swirling canvas of oranges and reds, reflecting the fiery heart of the red giant above. The planet's horizon is a jagged  silhouette, an ever-changing skyline of smokestacks belching plumes of exhaust and colossal cranes stretching like skeletal fingers toward the heavens. 


At the core of Vardis Prime lies the Vardisium Foundry, an immense, labyrinthine complex that serves as the beating heart of the planet's industry. Here, the rare and invaluable element Vardisium is refined and processed, its unique properties harnessed to create weapons and tools vital to the Imperium's war effort. The foundry itself is a vast, cathedral-like structure, its immense halls echoing with the clamor of machinery and the rhythmic chanting of countless workers toiling in unison. 


The populace of Vardis Prime is diverse and industrious, a melting pot of laborers, engineers, and artisans drawn from across the galaxy by the promise of purpose and prosperity. In the planet's bustling marketplaces and winding, cobbled streets, one can find a myriad of cultures, languages, and traditions woven together in a vibrant tapestry of life. 


Despite the challenges posed by the harsh environment and the weight of the ongoing conflict, the people of Vardis Prime remain steadfast in their loyalty to the Emperor. Their unwavering faith and determination are the foundation of the planet's defenses, and their tireless efforts ensure that the fires of industry continue to burn bright, even in the face of darkness. 


Vardis Prime is a world of contrasts, where the unbridled power of industry meets the indomitable spirit of humanity, and where the ceaseless drive for progress is tempered by the resilience of the heart. In this crucible of steel and fire, the fate of the Vardis System and the Imperium itself may well be forged. 


Map TBC 


USR: I can't hear a thing; reduce LD by 1 if within 3" of a terrain feature when taking pinning tests  

- Vardis Secundus 


The vibrant nexus of trade and commerce within the Vardis System, is an energetic world brimming with opportunity and diversity. Its orbit around the fading red giant is a celestial waltz, a testament to the delicate balance of power and prosperity that defines the planet. Vardis Secundus serves as a vital artery of the Imperium, its bustling ports and teeming markets providing a lifeline of resources, knowledge, and hope to countless worlds. 


The surface of Vardis Secundus is a breathtaking mosaic of azure oceans, emerald green plains, and gleaming spires that reach for the heavens. The skies above are a symphony of color and motion, crisscrossed by countless vessels traversing the celestial highways, their contrails painting ethereal brushstrokes against the backdrop of the cosmos. Vardis Secundus is a world alive with possibility, where the cacophony of a thousand languages and cultures converges in a harmonious blend of trade and diplomacy. 


At the heart of Vardis Secundus lies the Grand Emporium, an awe-inspiring monument to the power of commerce and collaboration. This colossal marketplace stretches for miles in every direction, a labyrinth of stalls, bazaars, and galleries that offers treasures from every corner of the galaxy. The air is filled with the heady scent of exotic spices and the clamor of haggling merchants, while the vibrant tapestries that adorn the market stalls flutter like the wings of a kaleidoscopic phoenix. 


The inhabitants of Vardis Secundus are a varied and enterprising people, a melting pot of traders, merchants, and artisans drawn from the farthest reaches of the Imperium. In the planet's bustling promenades and verdant plazas, one can encounter an astonishing array of customs, philosophies, and fashions, woven together in a complex web of alliances, rivalries, and friendships. 


Though the shadows of war and treachery loom over Vardis Secundus, the spirit of its people remains unbroken. Their determination to weather the storm of the Horus Heresy is the driving force behind the planet's thriving commerce, a beacon of hope in a galaxy beset by darkness. 


Vardis Secundus is a world of contrasts, where the endless possibilities of trade and diplomacy are tempered by the ever-present specter of subterfuge and intrigue. It is here, in this vibrant hub of activity, that the fate of the Vardis System and the Imperium may well be bartered, negotiated, and ultimately determined. 


Map TBC 

USR: Hazardous Cargo; Pieces of Terrain Marked with a hazardous marker project a bubble of dangerous terrain of 4inches radius around them.

- Vardis Tertius 


The urban jewel of the Vardis System, is a bustling, cosmopolitan world that embodies the resilience and adaptability of the human spirit. Encircling the waning red giant in a delicate celestial ballet, Vardis Tertius stands as a testament to the fortitude and determination of the Imperium's citizens, its labyrinthine streets and towering hab-blocks a vibrant testament to the dreams and ambitions of a galaxy at war. 


The surface of Vardis Tertius is an intricate tapestry of sprawling metropolises, verdant parks, and shimmering waterways that carve a sinuous path through the urban landscape. The skies above are a canvas of deep indigo and star-speckled midnight, the celestial tapestry pierced by the glittering spires of gleaming arcologies and the pulsating glow of neon signage. Vardis Tertius is a world in constant motion, where the frenetic energy of countless lives intertwines in a complex dance of commerce, culture, and camaraderie. 


In the heart of Vardis Tertius lies the majestic Capitol Spire, an awe-inspiring edifice that soars above the cityscape like a beacon of hope and unity. This towering monument serves as the seat of governance and a symbol of the unbreakable bond between the citizens of the Vardis System. The Capitol Spire is an architectural marvel, its elegant lines and soaring arches a testament to the ingenuity and vision of humanity, even in the face of adversity. 


The denizens of Vardis Tertius are a diverse and vibrant people, a melting pot of scholars, artisans, and laborers drawn from across the galaxy in pursuit of opportunity and shared prosperity. In the planet's bustling markets and shadowy alleyways, one can encounter a dizzying array of dialects, beliefs, and traditions, all woven together in the intricate tapestry of urban life. 


Despite the encroaching darkness of the Horus Heresy, the spirit of Vardis Tertius remains indomitable. Its citizens, united by the bonds of loyalty and the shared dream of a brighter future, stand as a bulwark against the insidious forces of treachery and despair. 


Vardis Tertius is a world of contrasts, where the boundless energy of urban life meets the unyielding resolve of the human spirit. It is here, amid the twisting streets and towering hab-blocks, that the fate of the Vardis System and the Imperium may well be shaped by the courage and determination of its people. 


Map TBC 


USR: Cityfight; units arriving from reserves may enter the battlefield from any building in their deployment zone instead of their battlefield edge

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