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At the start of each event in the series, players will be given a set of 5 Secret Agendas and 1 Prime Agenda. These are scored and ranked completely separately from each individual game and have no impact on the placings at the event, however they form part of the overall narrative of the series as well as providing a way for attendees to build their ranking from one event to the next. Some agendas are worth more than others due to the nature of their objective.

Agendas will allow the team with tactical advantage (most agendas completed) to roll on the tactical edge table to give them a leg up
in the next mission.


D6 result
1- choose the next mission/ select a different mission
2 - select whether night fighting will be on or off
3 - Select one player on the team, they can call an airstrike once in their next game after turn two. Str10 ap3, large blast breaching 5+
4 - deploy first or second and deployment edge (then roll off for first turn) 2nd player still has chance to seize.
5- Select two terrain pieces on the board which now grant +1 cover save
6- Players choice


At the start of each game before the first turn is decided, each player picks a secret agenda from those they have remaining which they can attempt to fulfil in this game. At the end of the game players reveal their agenda and score if appropriate. The agenda is then discarded. For example, a secret agenda may be ‘Investigate Strategic Locations: have one friendly unit within 6 inches of each table corner on the last turn of the game’ Achieving this generates a number of credits as indicated in brackets next to the Agenda.


Prime Agenda’s are much harder to achieve and can only be achieved once per event. These generate five credits but may be scored in any round.


Throughout the event players accumulate credits which form a separate credits and agendas have their own award however they do impact the overall Master of Vardis Award. There will also be a Secret Agenda leader board. This leader board is refreshed once per year, allowing players to build up their score over the course of multiple events.

See below for a list of the current Secret Agendas.


Secret Agendas

• Investigate Strategic Locations: have one friendly unit within 6 inches of each table corner on the last turn of the game (2)
• Area denial: end a game with more scoring units wholly within 12 of the centre of the board than your opponent (1)
• Assassination: kill all enemy characters in a single game (2)
• Battlefield supremacy: end a game while holding all objective markers (3)
• Behind enemy lines: end a game with more units in the enemy deployment zone than your opponent (2)
• Blood and guts: kill 5 enemy units in melee in a single game (1)
• Bring it down: kill 5 enemy vehicles in a single game (1)
• Capture enemy outpost: end the game holding the objective marker in your opponents deployment zone (2)
• Defend stronghold: end a game whilst having had 0 enemy units within your deployment zone (2)
• A tempting target: hold all objectives in no mans land at the end of a game (3)
• Extend battle lines: end a game holding all objectives in each players deployment zones (3)
• War of attrition: end a game having killed more enemy units than they killed of yours (2)
• No prisoners: kill 5 enemy units of the same unit type (EG infantry) in a single game (1)
• Replace with: Victory and honour: Kill 3 enemy models in a challenge. (3)
• Overwhelming firepower: kill 5 enemy units with ranged weapons in a single game (1)
• Lock down the position: hold the same 2 objectives for 3 or more turns consecutively (2)
• Secure no man’s land: end a game with no enemy units in no man’s land (1)
• Storm hostile objective: end a game with no enemy units in their deployment zone (2)
• Total annihilation: kill all enemy units in a single game (3)
• First Blood: Destroy two enemy units in your first active turn (1)


Prime Agendas

• Crush them: destroy the last model in a unit using the ramming rule (5)
• Kingslayer: slay the enemy warlord during a challenge (5)
• Cull the hordes: destroy over 50% of enemy models in the first 2 battle rounds (5)
• Reaper: destroy at least 3 units with your warlords unit in a single game (5)
• Sentinel: completely destroy an enemy unit using the return fire or overwatch reactions (5)
• Break their spirit: cause 3 or more units to flee the battlefield in a single game (5)
• Sacrificial Feint: Lose over 50% of the points value of your army (5)


Difficulty ratings, each player gets a selection of each difficulty, 2 easy 2 medium 1 hard, 1 prime.

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