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What can I win at 


Our awards are designed to reward the effort invested in all elements of the HH hobby. As such, it is possible for players of all abilities to win something.

  • Master of Vardis - The player with the combine highest score (Highest Combined Score of: Credits, Game Score, Painting Score, Theme Score, Sporting Score)  

  • Silent Assassin - The player scoring the most credits (see secret agendas above) at this event. 

  • Best General (Loyalist and Traitor)  - The highest ranked Loyalist and Traitor (combining game score and sportsmanship scores) The Master of Vardis will not claim this award as they are superior to all. 

  • Wooden Spoon - The lowest ranked player  

  • Best Painted - The player with the most votes for Best Painted Army 

  • Best Theme - The player with the most votes for Best Themed Army, this will consider list building, conversions and narrative as well as painting.  

  • Most Sporting - The player with the most nominations from their opponents for Most Sporting. 



At the lunch break on the Sunday of the event, the event organisers will select the contenders for best painted. If you are selected, please place your army on display next to the judge’s station with your name clearly displayed next to it using the sticker provided for player voting 


To qualify for entry, please note your army must comply with the following:  

  • Your army must be painted to beyond battle-ready standard. To clarify, this means your army must be properly based and painted with an appropriate attention to detail.  

  • The models in your army must follow a theme and look like a cohesive force.  

  • The models in your army must be built and painted by yourself. 




After each round players should submit the google form to rate their opponent’s sportsmanship out of 10, things to take into account would be how helpful the opponent was, how friendly, and would you like to play them again (this does not take into account the opponents list, but them as a player and member of the community).



After each round players should submit the google form to rate their opponent’s sportsmanship, on the same form there is a place to score your opponents army theme out of 10, please consider things such as list writing, any lore or narrative provided, conversions, etc.

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