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There will be a licensed bar servicing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages at an affordable price. In addition free water will be available for all attendees. During games there will be a table service for beverages.


Throughout the event snacks and light meals will be available from the bar in the gaming hall. Free popcorn will also be served during games to your table.


For attendees staying in accommodation booked through us. Cooked breakfast will be available at an additional £10 per day. This is served through the university catering company. As such we are unfortunately not able to offer a more economical price. However, all accommodation we are offering comes with an attached kitchen/living area which will be available for attendees staying in these facilities to use as required or a breakfast baguettes will be available from the gaming hall.


We are in the process of finalizing the catering arrangements with the university catering company. There are multiple options attendees can select from in order to satisfy their individual budgets and tastes. During the booking process teams will be able to select from the following options:

- Lunch not included. Attendees can thereby arrange lunch for themselves. Make use of the local fast food restaurants (there is a McDonald's and KFC 100m from the venue), or buy a packed lunch from themselves before or during the lunch break (there is a Tesco and Lidl 10 minute walk from the venue). Alternatively they can purchase sandwiches or prepacked salads, wraps and other similar lunch items from the bar.

- Packed lunch purchased through the on site accommodation. This option is perfectly paired with the breakfast option available to those staying in accommodation booked through us. At breakfast attendees will also be able to pick up a pre-packed lunch which they can bring with them to the gaming hall. There are a range of options available ranging from £4.00 to £8.00

- Hot and Cold food buffets. For attendees who wish to make use of the catering options provided by the university buffet options will be available. There will be a wide selection of options and are approximately £10-15. These will be entirely optional and more economic options are outlined above. The buffets will be served in a university facility a short distance from the gaming hall.


There will be an organised group dinner for any teams that wish to participate on Saturday night, when buying your ticket you will be asked if you would like to reserve a table for your team to join the others.

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