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There are principally four types of accommodation available in Cardiff. Accommodation on site, or in the city center at University of Cardiff facilities booked through the event, other hotels, cheap hostels or Air BnBs. We will cover the first three below, however Air BnBs offer so broad a variety in quality and price that we will omit them here as any summary would not be helpful.


Through the university of Cardiff we are able to offer on site accommodation for just £30 per person per night. We have secured 200 beds on site in the university halls of residence in addition to over 100 beds in the town center. Attendees will be able to choose from our accommodation or will be free to book their own if they want to and will be able to pick from on site accommodation or city center accommodation, just 15 minutes away. All rooms are in flats of varying numbers and have access to a shared kitchen/dining area which includes a cooker, fridge, microwave, crockery and cutlery should you wish to make a light snack or drink.  On site facilities include a launderette (launderette card required from reception) and free parking. There are flats with 8 bedrooms available, so we are able to accommodate some teams in a single flat, on a first come first serve basis. Numerous public buses run frequently from the city center to the venue for any attendees that do not wish to stay on site.


Hotels booked through a typical search engine such as Booking .com start at £50 a night. There are hundreds to choose from at varying price points and quality levels. These range from the cheapest at £50 through to £300 a night suites. We believe that the Championship experience will be heightened by having as many player as possible staying on site in the same location to increase the sense of occasion, but  should attendees wish to make their own plans there are many options for them.


From our initial research there appears to be only one low cost hostel in Cardiff. This has a limited number of beds available for £15  night in shared dormitory accommodation.

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